Numark DXM Pro

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DXMPRO is Numark’s top-end digital scratch DJ mixer. With 100% digital circuitry, your audio is precisely unchanged from inputs to analog or digital outputs. A battle mixer is nothing without its faders, and DXMPRO features Numark’s industrial-grade CP-PRO faders in both the crossfader and line fader positions for outstanding durability and adjustability.

The two-channel mixer’s digital circuitry incorporates an advanced look-ahead limiter to make clipping a near-impossibility. DXMPRO has all of the standard DJ mixer features such as multiple inputs and outputs, EQs per channel, faders with reversible, adjustable slopes, the mic input can be used as an auxiliary input. Transform functions are built into the phono/line switches, and digital 24-bit, 48kHz S/PDIF and optical outputs give you clean control for any battle you encounter.