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Chord KP22 Double Kick Drum...

Set of 2 chain-drive kick drum pedals. The pedals can be used independently on 2 kick drums or on a single kick drum, since one of the pedals has dual beater holders, which can be driven via the link bar from the other pedal.

- Can be used for twin or single kick drum setups

- Supplied with 2xKPB1 pedal beaters and a drum key

- Fully adjustable

- Dimensions (each pedal) - 325x320x140mm

- Weight - 4.82kg

Price £139.99

Stagg Stage Pro Double Bass...

Stay in the pocket with the Stagg Stage Pro double bass drum pedal. With a fluid motion and quick response, the Stage Pro offers the best in speed, power and feel.

Price £129.99

Roland Electronic Drum...

  • Heavy duty construction provides a strong and robust double bass drum pedal
  • Built-in patented Noise Eater technology is ideal for drummers in apartments
  • Versatile extended linkage design provides a balanced action from slave pedal
  • Dual-chain drive over round cam ensures smooth, natural feeling action
  • Designed for use with V-Drum kick triggers
  • Fitted with Roland's self-aligning beater for optimum strikes with every hit
Price £329.99