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Citronic CEQ215 2x15-band...

The CEQ215 is a 19" rack mounted dual 15-band graphic equaliser, which allows the adjustment of labelled frequencies via the individual cut/boost faders. Up to 12dB of cut or boost for frequencies ranging from 25Hz to 16kHz for accurate audio spectrum control.

Price £99.99

CX23 2/3-way Crossover 1U

  • 2 Way Stereo, 3 Way Mono Crossover
  • 19" Rack Mountable
  • Butterworth Filters 18dB/Octave
  • Continuously Adjustable Cut-Off Frequencies
  • 40Hz Ultra Low Frequency Cut
  • Phase Invert Function
  • Inputs & Outputs via XLR
Price £99.99

Citronic CX34 2/3/4-way...

The Citronic CX34 is a 2-way or 3-way stereo or 4-way mono active crossover designed to split frequencies so that low frequencies are delivered to the amp driving the sub cabinets and mid/top frequencies are delivered to the amp driving the mid/top frequency cabs.

This type of system is more efficient and delivers more accurate sound quality, especially in larger PA systems.

Whilst primarily designed to deliver a more detailed sound, the Citronic CX34 also protects your equipment from overloading and avoids potentially blowing your mid/top speaker cabinets by sending the low frequencies just to the subs. 

The Citronic active crossover offers a user-friendly operation easily accessible when installed in a 19" rack cabinet. 

Price £119.99

Behringer Feedback...

This is a great tool for anybody who wants to minimize feedback in a live situation. Can be used in Auto Mode to identify frequencies that cause the feedback and eliminate it. Or there is a Manual Mode which allows you to dial in up to 24 frequencies and tweak the bandwidth and gain yourself. 

Price £59.99