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Multi-Effects Pedals

Multi-Effects Pedals

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Line 6 POD Go Wireless...

The LINE 6 POD Go Wireless has been designed to offer class-leading multi-effects and amp modelling, taken directly from the Helix family, all in a compact and portable pedal unit. Now coming with a G10TII wireless transmitter and inbuilt Relay Wireless receiver, the POD Go Wireless takes the POD Go’s world-beating capabilities to the next level.

Price £449.99

Line 6 Helix Floor Amp and...

The Line 6 Helix Floor is a road ready, tour-grade multi-effects guitar processor. With the ability to act not only as a versatile multi-effects pedal, but also to provide the tones and dynamic response of a top of the line amp, the Helix is also one of the most comprehensive master controllers for guitar systems in existence. Delivering an authentic feel and sound, this Line 6 offering allows you to recreate any tone you desire by utilizing the new HX modelling engine.

Price £1,499.99