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First Aid Kit for Acoustic...

The Acoustic Kit contains:

  • Acoustic Guitar Strings: Quality bronze, light gauge
  • Capo (Lightweight Curved Fretboards)
  • Guitar Pitch Pipe
  • Black Nylon Guitar Strap
  • Strap Lock
  • String Winder
  • 3 Picks
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Chord Cards: Essential Guitar Chords - 52 full colour cards (also available separately). Chords are featured on easy-to-read cards with full-colour photographs and clear fingering diagrams. Each card includes additional information for each chord including alternative names ands suggested uses. These cards are the ideal quick reference for all guitarists!
Price £19.99

Kyser Lem-Oil Fretboard...

A smoother fretboard means smoother playing. With Kyser Lem-Oil Fretboard Conditioner, you can have that fresh-squeezed feel any time. Just rub a few drops of oil or one individually sealed wipe onto your fingerboard the next time you change your strings to hydrate and refresh until your frets feel good as new.

Price £5.99