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Tony Dixon TB012

The TB012 is a tuneable version of our popular TB003 low whistle, with all the same tonal characteristics. Being able to remove the head altogether provides the ability to tune the instrument and also facilitates easier cleaning.

The body for this whistle also has the advantage of fitting our tenor flute head, turning it into an excellent beginners simple system flute.

Price £99.99

Hornby C Descant 200H

The Hornby 200H C Descant Recorder is an ideal choice for student musicians requiring a reliable instrument to develop with. The 200H's hard plastic exterior is durable and can last frequent lessons and rehearsals. The recorder is designed with stable tuning in mind, so you can be confident you're playing the right notes. This model's mouthpiece has a narrow tip for a more comfortable playability with younger students. The 200H's two-piece construction can be detached into an easily portable size, whilst the included pouch keeps it organised. The recorder's dark brown colour with gloss finish is a timeless look.

Price £12.99

Generation D Brass Flageolet

The body of this timeless whistle is produced in a lacquered brass or nickel plated finish and incorporates a mouthpiece of coloured, hygienic plastic. It is accurately tuned, with an easy response, and a has a full, bright tone.

Made for every generation, loved by children and adults alike, the flageolet or tin whistle is a traditional musical instrument which is simple to learn but hard to master – which makes it ideal for the novice or experienced musician.

The perfect companion instrument for all genres of music – from pop to punk – join the millions of musicians the world over who have fallen in love with the famous Original Generation Flageolet.

Price £12.99