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KAM RZ12A Version 3

The upgraded curved tapezoid chassis and improved engineering of the Kam RZ12A V3 Active Speaker means that the sound quality is better than ever before!

Price £299.99

Kam RZ15A V3 1200w Peak...

The latest Kam RZ15A V3 Speakers have had some significant improvements from the last version! The sound quality is even better than before, mainly due to the upgraded tapezoid chassis and improved engineering.

Price £262.50

Preowned M&K Sound KX-10...

Featured with dual Push Pull coupled long stroke 10” drivers in sealed enclosure.

Combining digital switch mode power section of 350 watt RMS, with M&K propietary analog “front-end” input stage, all designed for the legendary M&K Sound bass extension.

The M&K X10 subwoofer offer very low distortion and high dynamic performance, as using “dual Push Pull coupled drivers” providing a total surface area most equivalent to a single 15” driver.

X10 is multible rewarded for high quality performance in music and movie production, and Home Theater applications.

Price £269.99

Yamaha MG10X Mixing Console

The Yamaha MG10X CV is a ten-channel analog mixer with clean preamps and a comprehensive effects section. It is perfect for settings and engineers who don't feel the need to rely on USB connectivity for their mixers, and setups that don't need computers. If you're in need of flexible audio routing with pristine quality and the same fantastic effects section as Yamaha's venerable SPX effects processors, the MG10X CV is an effective way to add these features to your mixing setup.

Price £249.99

Citronic Cl22 19-Inch...

The CL22 is a professional 19" compressor/limiter/gate designed to control the dynamic range of the signal, allowing more overall sound volume before distortion. An enhancer on each channel helps restore high frequencies under heavy compression. Also useful for protecting loudspeakers by curtailing the output once it reaches a preset threshold level. The gate helps to reduce noise in silent passages.

Price £159.99


Product Dimensions (mm): 230x90x483

Net weight (kg): 13.9

Colour: Black

Inputs: Jack inputs

Outputs: 4 Pole speaker output

Power RMS (W) @ 4 Ohms: 2x650

Power RMS (W) @ 8 Ohms: 2x380

Price £219.99

Preowned Wharfedale Pro...

The Wharfedale Titan 12 is a passive loudspeaker with a 128dB max SPL and 250 watts RMS power designed for small to medium sized venues. Being the mid-sized speaker model within the range, the Titan 12 offers a perfect balance between portability with a full-range sound. Utilising an organically shaped, internal laminar flow rib pattern polypropylene cabinet to not only produce a strong and acoustically sound loudspeaker, the speaker is also extremely portable. This lends itself to applications such as for mobile DJs, bands and public address. One of Wharfedale Pro’s most versatile loudspeakers, the live sound engineer can rely on the Titan 12 for a multitude of audio applications.

Price £199.99