Yamaha THR10II Wireless

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Desktop Amp


The amplifier designed to fit in with your everyday life just got even better. The Yamaha THR10II Guitar Amp combines superb sound, fantastic functionality, and easy usability in a compact package that will make playing as hassle-free as possible. Thanks to its small profile and stylish design, it's ideal for using around your home. It'll comfortably fit on a shelving unit - and it looks good too.

The THR10II's real brilliance comes in how it makes achieving stunning sound completely convenient. It's usable with electrics, acoustics, and basses. It's packed with realistic valve amp tones. You get a truckload of exciting effects to use in your music, and you can sculpt your sound to perfection using the THR Remote editor app. And it's not just a great-sounding desktop amp - its Bluetooth support and USB connectivity means you can use it as a top-quality speaker for your favourite tunes, too. Put simply, it's everything the 21st century music lover needs.

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