Numark M6USB

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With the M6 Total Black, Numark has introduced a comprehensive 4-channel mixer, which enables you to experiment with different audio sources, such as CD players, turntables and digital media players. That's not all, though - the M6 also has a USB connector that allows you to connect the mixer directly to your laptop.

The Numark M6 Total Black: Versatile and User-Friendly

The Numark M6 is a well-organised, user-friendly mixer with all the basic functions a DJ needs bundled into a rugged matte black housing. All four channels of the mixer have their own 3-band equalizer and gain control, so you can accurately adjust the bass, mid and treble levels. Additionally, each channel allows you to switch between different audio sources. Connect a pair of headphones and you can listen to the channel of your choice during your sets. It's up to you to determine the balance between the cue and master mix signals.

Share your favourite mixes with your friends

At the upper left corner of the mixer you'll find an XLR connector for a microphone, which makes it easy for you to interact with your audience during your gigs. A USB connector allows you to plug in your laptop without the use of an external sound card or interface. Record your best sets and share them via social media, or use your laptop to access your music library. Using DJ software, you can even mix digitally. In short, the Numark M6 Total Black offers you plenty of options to blow away the crowd.