Yamaha CSP-150 Digital Piano - Black

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The Smart Pianist App
Inherited from the CLP range. The Smart Pianist app offers a variety of features that allow you to personalise your sound and performance. The world famous CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial can be played alongside other acoustic instruments of your choice. Swipe left or right to change the instrument voices. Explore an array of in-depth piano settings to suit yourself. The ‘Piano Room’ function puts all of the key piano-related controls in one place for easy access. With the LCD display, the CSP 150 offers a graphical way for customers to easily control the piano’s sound. And manipulate its hammer strength, brightness, pedal point, resonance, and reverb. Explore a world of possibilities with the CSP 150.

GH3X Keyboard Mechanism
Both traditional and modern musicians will find the GH3X keyboard instantly familiar. The keys have a springless design for the most consistent feel possible. The lower register keys have more resistance that gradually becomes lighter for a similar feel to acoustic pianos. While the triple sensor sound receptors register the subtle nuances in your playing and relay them accurately to show your individual style. Yamaha’s own escapement mechanism imitates a grand piano’s click at the lower third of each key. Allowing you to become familiar with the exact response of each key. Leading to a more expressive performance.

External Device Connection
The CSP 150 is the first model in the series to feature the Bluetooth audio technology. Opening up a new world of apps to enhance your experience. The user-friendly set-up allows you to connect your smartphone or tablet to a series of bespoke apps. So you can explore endless playing possibilities. With the range of compatible apps, you can analyze your favourite songs, calculate the chords, display and play. Includes optional wireless connection to iOS devices.

3 Month Flowkey Premium Offer
Any Yamaha digital piano purchased between 15th July 2016 and 31st March 2021 is now eligible for three months of premium flowkey access. Simply download the flowkey app on to your smartphone or tablet, register your instrument and begin your subscription. The user friendly interface allows you to learn over 500 songs in both a sheet music format as well as a play-along video. Track your performance and get instant feedback to help improve your skills.

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Yamaha’s 5 Year Warranty
An extended 5-year warranty is guaranteed when you register your instrument within 6 months of purchase. Available on all new pianos in the Clavinova series.

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Height: 1040mm
Width: 1418mm
Depth: 466mm
Weight: 61KG
Number of Keys: 88
Keyboard Type: GH3X
Keytops: Synthetic Ebony and Ivory
Click Mechanism: Escapement
Weight: Weighted
Touch Response: Hard2, Hard1, Medium, Soft1, Soft2, Fixed
Piano Sound: Yamaha CFX, Bosendorfer Imperial
Binaural Sampling: CFX Voice Only
Sound Enhancements: Key-Off Samples, Smooth Release, VRM
Maximum Polyphony: 256
Number of Voices: 692
Reverbs: 58
Master EQ: Five Preset, 1 User
IAC: Integrated
Stereophonic Optimiser: Integrated
Vocal Harmony: 44 Preset
Featured Voices
VRM Voices: 14
Super Articulation Voices: 113
Natural Voices: 27
Sweet Voices: 27
Cool Voices: 63
Live Voices: 69
Organ Flues: 30
Drum/SFX Kits: 29
Accompaniment Styles
Preset Styles: 470
Pro Styles: 396
Session Styles: 34
Free Play Styles: 4
Pianist Styles: 36
Fingering: Chord Detection Area Full, Chord Detection Area Lower
Style Control: Intro x 1, Ending x 1, Main x 4, Fill In x 4
Preset Songs: 403
Recording Tracks: 16
Playback Format: SMF (Format 0 & 1), XF
Recording Format: SMF (Format 0)
Dual/Layer Keyboard: Integrated
Lesson/Guide: Correct Key, Any Key, Your Tempo
Guide Lamp: Stream Lights
Piano Room: Integrated
USB Playback: Smartphone Supported
USB Recording: WAV/AAC
USB Audio Effects: Time Stretch, Pitch Shift, Melody Suppresor
Metronome: 5 to 500, Tap
Transpose: Minus 12, 0, Plus 12
Tuning: 414.8 – 440.0 – 466.8Hz
Scale Type: 9
Colour: Polished Ebony
Internal Memory: Smart Device Dependant
Amplifiers: 30W Plus 30W, x2
Speakers: 16cm x2
Pedals: 3
Power Supply: Yamaha PA-300C
Included Accessories: Owner’s Manual, Warranty, Online Member Product Registration, Bench, Power Cord, USB Wireless LAN Adaptor, Owner’s Manual of USB Wireless LAN Adaptor, USB Cable (USB Type A – USB Type B), USB Conversion Cable (USB Type B – USB Micro B / USB Type B – USB Type C)
Headphones: Stereo x2
Microphone: Input Volume, Mic/Line In
MIDI: In, Out, Thru
Aux In: Stereo Mini
Aux Out: L/L+R, R
Aux Pedal: 1
USB: To Host, To Device, iPad

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