Mapex Tornado Drum Kit

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Beginner Drum Set, Navy Blue


The best place to start playing the drums. There's a reason why the Mapex Tornado is considered the best entry-level drum kit around. The series offers unmatched quality for its accessible price. And there's no need to worry about buying any extras. This kit includes everything you need to get behind the skins and play: the 5-piece Mapex Tornado III drum kit as well as cymbals, hardware, stool and a pair of drumsticks. Play straight from the box.


Why should new learners have to settle for less? The Tornado drum shells are made from thick, hand-selected basswood, providing loud, resonant sounds and bright attack in any setting. This 18" Compact configuration is perfect for a variety of genres, so you'll have no trouble finding your favourite style. The included double-braced hardware offers both the durability and reliability you'll need for years of rehearsals and gigs. There's no instrument quite like the drums, and with the Mapex Tornado, you'll soon want to be a drummer for life.

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